Web Development

Web Development

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAINFOTVNETWORK offers some of the most advanced website design, development, programming and high speed hosting in the world. The company will also be offering Domain Name registration services (similar to Go Daddy and Network Solutions).

The company has custom solutions for high end business, government and entertainment requirements.

INFOTVNETWORK offers the fastest video hosting in North America and reaches more viewers in China than YouTube. INFOTVNETWORK can create any website that is in existence today, offers dynamic server pages, database features, e-mail systems and more.

For website development INFOTVNETWORK uses ASP.NET, C SHARP, HTML, XML, JavaScript, jQuery CSS, flash and MS SQL SERVER. This provides unlimited programming capabilities and offers the most advanced programming solutions for websites that need the highest level of security and functionality.

We also work with clients that are using php, joomla and other types of entry level free website coding languages.

The company specializes in redundant data backup solutions and recurring update solutions. This allows for the quickest recovery solutions in the event of operating system failures, power outages and disasters.